Mark Street Nursery is NEWTEC’s flag ship setting, opening in 2003 in NEWHAM.
The setting has continuously worked within the community and with the local authority to provide services for families in the community. We provide places for commercial families, children funded 15 hours and learners from NEWTEC and NEWHAM colleges. The nursery is open from 8.00am-6.00pm catering for 57 children daily.

Mark Street features

  • Starlight room accommodating 9 children 0-2 years with separate sleep room, kitchen, changing area and garden
  • Rainbow room accommodating 24 children 2-3 year with separate sleep room, changing area and garden access
  • Sunshine room accommodating 24 children 3-5 years
  • A sensory room
  • A main area separated into the 7 areas of learning
  • A Welcome area
  • 2 outdoor areas for children 2-4 years and for babies 0-2

Management team

Tammy Lewis the appointed nursery manager has been working in Childcare for over 16 years and has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with you. Tammy has completed a Foundation Degree in leadership and Management and is currently working towards a B A Honours in Education and leadership in Early Years.

Liza Head the appointed deputy nursery manager has worked with NEWTEC for 5 years and has achieved a Level 3 in childcare and education.


The Nursery operates with 13 key persons, 3 apprentices, NEWTEC Childcare learners, a Deputy Manager and an appointed Nursery Manager. All key persons are qualified to a minimum of a Level 3 or are working towards it. Staff members are supported by Newtec to complete a Foundation Degree in Early years or Leadership and Management. Currently three team members are working towards a Foundation degree in early years.

Individual support

We have achieved excellent results in supporting children with additional needs past and present. We have a robust I.E.P programme in place to support children’s specific needs. We work in partnership with other professionals and families to support children reach their full potential. Our team values the importance of promoting children’s identity through communicating with children in home languages. Key persons will use their first language, key words from parents and ICT equipment to communicate in a key child’s home language.


Mark Street most recent inspection was on 3rd February 14. We achieved a Good in our last two inspection reports. The reports are available on the OFSTED website.