Plaistow Day Nursery

Plaistow Day Nursery operates a policy of Inclusive Learning for all children. We aim to achieve this by ensuring that every child attending our nursery receives appropriate support for any Special Educational Needs. All children have equal access to all the learning experiences offered by the nursery.

The Early Years Foundation Stage

Each child’s progress will be profiled and kept by the nursery. Parents/carers are welcome to read this record at any time. Parents evening is arranged for parents/carers to come into the nursery to discuss their child’s progress with their key worker on Term basis.

Parents/carers are welcome to contribute to the daily routine of the nursery e.g. story-time, festivals etc.

A copy of Policies and Procedures is on display at the nursery hall way and are available for parents/carers to view.

Eating at the nursery

We operate a policy of healthy eating throughout the nursery. This is reflected in our snacks for the morning and afternoon session. The nursery also provides a hot, two-course lunch made by the catering section of the college (menu is on display on the parent’s information board).


Class attendance and nursery attendance is closely monitored at all times. If you miss a session the nursery must be informed and a reason given.

Please ensure that your child is in the nursery before 10am each morning and 2pm in the afternoon. All children’s meals are ordered and attendance registers completed at this time. Prompt arrival will enable your child to get as much as possible from each session. It will also help you to achieve the best results from your studies, as you can use any spare time for revision, assignments etc.

Nursery Staff

Nursery practitioners are professionally trained and experienced. They have all been registered by Ofsted and subject to relevant DBS. All of our staff are first aid trained.


The nursery will provide protective aprons for messy activities, but your child will be happiest in ordinary play clothes for normal activities. Suitable footwear must be worn and protective clothing for outside play i.e. wet weather. In summer, a sun hat is advised and sun cream for protection.

For babies – buggies must be kept in the shed and folded to create space for other service users and coats must be labelled. Please provide nappies for your child (if applicable). Clearly label all items with your child’s name. Bottle preparation must be arranged with nursery staff.


In the event of the nursery having to evacuate during the course of the day, the children will be taken to a nearby place of safety. Information about this is displayed on the walls of the nursery. Please note: NEWTEC is not responsible for any damage, theft or loss of clothing or any other property left at the nursery.

Nursery Opening Times

Plaistow Day Nursery:
Monday to Friday: 8.00am – 6.00pm

Plaistow Day Nursery operates a policy of Inclusive Learning for all children. We aim to ensure the setting is continuously promoting Equality and Diversity; teaching children what is right and wrong; having mutual respect & tolerance of different Faith & belief; and provide Individual Education Plan for children with special needs.